What You’ll Gain From #BfGClub

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Today, Indonesian Brand Leader is facing the paradox market. You have to understand challenges in facing the dynamic market, update the latest knowledge in managing the brand in digital era, and learn the best practice from others.

Brand for Good Club is a community that can help you face Indonesia’s ever-changing market.

As a Brand for Good Club member, you will get:

  • Rights for using Brand For Good Club logo for 1 year
  • Get 5 invitations for Indonesia WOW Brand Festive Day 2017
  • Get 1 report for Brand for Good survey
  • Get 1 ticket to Jakarta Marketing Week (Privilege Card)
  • Get 1 membership for MarkPlus Center for Economy & Business for 1 year
  • Get 1 slot covered on “Storytelling by The Brand” at Marketeers TV
  • Get 1 slot covered on 1/3 page at Marketeers Magazine
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